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Fenwick's tradition of technology continues to meet the specialized needs of avid anglers. Contemporary fishermen are no longer generalists. They're specialists ? bass fisherman, walleye fisherman, fly fisherman, saltwater fisherman -- avid anglers who identify themselves by a specific technique or species. In response, Fenwick's tradition of technology continues to drive its designers, engineers and pro staffers to develop sophisticated fishing rods specifically designed for specialized applications. It's why, for over half a century, Fenwick rods have been known, and will always be known, in the words of one of our founders, as "the most thought-out fishing rods in the world."

Fenwick Fly Rods "Yellow Glass III"

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Fenwick Yellow Glass III Fly Rod Series
Fenwick Yellow Glass III Fly Rod Series
Fenwick Yellow Glass III Fly Rod Series
Fenwick Yellow Glass III Fly Rod Series Fenwick Yellow Glass III Fly Rod Series Fenwick Yellow Glass III Fly Rod Series

The first yellow glass was the thread specification of the NPC tan color
in yellow painting in black blanks.
The second type was two kinds of thread red and yellow, on yellow blanks.
This time(the third type)model is the yellow coat whitish clear blanks and decorated by a nylon yellow thread.
A ferrule is spigot with white peg specification.
A reel seat is a double slide ring. It was decorated by epoxy coating, so a grip end bat will be also reinforcement.
The grip full length, 5113 and 653 are 195mm and 713 is 210mm.

The action of 5113 and 653 are little bit stiffer than 713.
So, 713 is the Slowest model of these.

All type is 4pc, collapsed size are 48cm,52cm,57cm for 5113,653,713.

A 6 piece model that is convenient to carry appears. As with other models, the action is a delicate tip and tight bat action.

All type with rod bag.

Shipping Cost
  • ■East Asia :
  • JPY2500/one rod,
  • JPY3500/two rods
  • ■West Asia :
  • JPY3500/one rod,
  • JPY4500/two rods
  • ■North & Central America, Oceania :
  • JPY3500/one rod,
  • JPY4500/two rods
  • ■Europe :
  • JPY4000/one rod,
  • JPY5000/two rods
  • ■South America, Africa :
  • JPY6000/one rod,
  • JPY7000/two rods
  • Today's Japanese Yen Rate, Here!
Model Length Line size Section Grip Length Price
FF653-4J 6ft 5inch 3 4pc 195mm JPY42,120
FF773-4J Trinity 7ft 7in 3 4pc 220mm JPY45,360
FF694-4J Lime Sulfur 6ft 9in 4 4pc 200mm JPY43,200
FF724-4J Little Yellow Sally 7ft2in 4 4pc 210mm JPY44,280
FF774-4J Yellow Diamond 7ft 7in 4 4pc 215mm JPY45,360
FF673-6J Mountain High 6ft 7in 3 6pc 205mm JPY45,360
FF713-6J The Paradise Trail 7ft 1in 3 6pc 210mm JPY46,440
FF754-6J The Highland Stars 7ft 5in 4 6pc 215mm JPY47,520
FF6117-4J Daydream Believer New! 6ft 11in 7 4pc 265mm (*) JPY47,520

*Including Extension Butt.

FF6117-3J, which had earned favorable reviews from bus bug fans.
This bus bug rod was reprinted in response to the request of reprint.
Actions, power etc follow the former floater bam, but changed to 4pc specification, and the carrying performance is further raised.